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Synopsis for "Aerialbots Over America"

Richard Vasquez supervisor of Hoover Dam bids farewell to his family before going off to another day of work. He is struck by a cerebro shell fired by Bombshell, putting him under the Insecticon's thrall. Taken to Megatron, the begin their mission to take over the dam, Megatron transforming into gun mode to act as a weapon for Vasquez to take the dam hostage with. Breaking his way into the control room with the help of the Insecticons, Vasquez, under Megatron's orders orders the controllers to turn off the dam.

Meanwhile, at the Ark, repairs are being done to Optimus Prime as Donny Finkleberg imparts important information about some Autobots that appeared on Earth. Proving that he can show them where these new Autobots materialized, Optimus agrees to send Jetfire out to learn the truth of Donny's claims. Just then Bumblebee rushes in to tell Optimus Prime about capturing of Hoover Dam. Deciding that this needs immediate action and calls in Wheeljack's newest creation: The Aerialbots. Although only their commander Silverbolt has been fully programmed by the Creation Matrix, Prime sends the entire group to investigate Decepticon activity at the dam.

At Hoover Dam, Vasquez completes his mission in securing the dam and the Insecticons take control of the facility. A Space Bridge then materializes and Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge emerge from it to oversee a giant boring device travel through the bridge and drill into the dam in order to siphon it's energies out. Elsewhere, Jetfire and Donny arrive at the site where the seven Autobots materialized, and find no trace of Jetfire's comrades, but they find a source of fuel on the ground prompting Jetfire to return to base with Donny in order to fashion a tracking device to locate the missing Autobots.

While at Hoover Dam, the Aerialbots arrive and attempt to stop the drilling, but find opposition from Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust and the Insecticons. Finding that they cannot stop them individually, the five Aerialbots merge into Superion and is able to destroy the boring device. When Vasquez appears on top of the dam and attempts to shoot Superion with Megatron, Superion reaches to kill the human, with Silverbolt's mind fighting with the others to prevent them from killing a human. when Vasquez's daughter (on the scene with her mother since the take over) cries out to her father, Vasquez manages to break free of Bombshell's control. While Silverbolt forces the other Aerialbots to disconnect, Vasquez takes Megatron and fires at the Space Bridge, causing it to vanish back to Cybertron. With his plot foiled, Megatron and his Decepticons retreat. As the Aerialbots retreat themselves they are completely unaware that Bombshell has followed along for the ride.

While at the secret headquarters of a new government agency, the Rapid Action Anti-Robot Team (RAAT) Circuit Breaker, the group leader have returned with their first successful "kills", the Autobots Blaster, Perceptor, Beachcomber, Powerglide, Warpath, Cosmos and Seaspray!

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