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As Walter Barnett leads an army of military soldiers and vehicles toward the Decepticon's Wyoming Base, Soundwave and Shockwave are plotting on moving the Decepticon Base to an island in the Florida Key's to accommodate their acquisition of the Hydrothermocline. They are interrupted by Laserbeak who reports the approaching, soldiers. Going to warn Megatron, Shockwave finds that his commander is only concerned with one thing: Optimus Prime. Having allowed a mere human destroy Prime has caused Megatron to become unhinged and when Brawl tries to reaffirm that Prime is dead, Megatron crushes his face in anger, pointing out that he cannot be too sure as he did not kill Prime himself.

When lashing out at everyone Shockwave identifies the possibility that if the battle was simulated, then Prime's death could also be simulated as well. This causes Megatron to believe that Prime is still alive and he starts blowing up the base. The resulting explosions causes the military forces gathered outside to flee. While Megatron is unleashing his fury, Shockwave has Soundwave hail Cybertron before preparing the Hydrothermocline for transport. The other Decepticons meanwhile depart with Megatron, with Megatron riding inside Dead End in gun mode.

Shockwave contacts Razorclaw, the leader of a group of master hunters known as the Predacons and hires him to assassinate Megatron as he has become too unstable, and sends them a laserdisc with instructions on how to carry out their task and adapt themselves to transform into Earthen animals of prey. Shockwave then leaves with Soundwave with the Hydrothermocline to install it in the Florida Keys.

Once they reach the state of Florida, Megatron spots an Earth truck that looks exactly like Optimus Prime, blowing it up with his Fusion Cannon before realizing the truth and having the Decepticons resume their course. The incident causes the group to begin to doubt Megatron's leadership. While elsewhere, Shockwave meets with the Predacons: Razorclaw, Dive Bomb, Tantrum, Rampage, and Headstrong. Following their orders they disguise themselves as Autobots to further confuse Megatron and Shockwave leaves them to their task.

When Dead End and Megatron arrive at the pickup spot, Megatron sends Dead End first aboard Vortex and waits quietly. He is suddenly attacked by the Predacons. The battle rages on, and despite the injuries sustained to him, Megatron continues to fight on. He becomes furious when Razorclaw slashes off half of Megatron's face. When Vortex asks if he should go and pick up Megatron, Shockwave tells him to stay opting to go and investigate himself. While on the mainland, Megatron manages to fight off the Predacons who finds the crazed Decepticon commander impossible to beat alone. The five Decepticons then merge into Predaking, which gives them an advantage. However, Megatron still manages to defeat them, providing a shattering blast with his Fusion Cannon that knocks Predaking out. The incident finally convinces Megatron that Optimus Prime is dead.

When Shockwave and the other Decepticons arrive and investigate this strange "Autobot" attacker, Dead End finds Shockwave's mission laserdisc within Predaking. Playing it back, Megatron learns of Shockwave's attempt to kill him and is about to destroy Shockwave when Shockwave explains this: When he transferred his rebellious personality traits into the missing disc, making him just as loyal to Megatron, as he was attempting to kill him. This causes Megatron to consider the fact that Ethan Zachary could have copied Optimus Prime's mind in much the same way and finally snaps. Believing that Optimus Prime is still out to get him, the crazed Decepticon commander then hops onto the active Space Bridge, and blasts it with his Fusion Cannon, causing a large explosion that seemingly kills Megatron. With Megatron now gone, Shockwave succeeds him as leader of the Decepticons.

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