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The Mechanic has been using his high-tech weapons stolen from the Ark in order to boost himself up as an unstoppable super-criminal, taking full control of the stolen car rackets in the Oregon area. When he attempts to steal an airport radar airport security attempts to stop him but are no match for the laser scalpel and cryogenic sprayer he stole from Ratchet, and the Mechanic makes good his getaway.

Grimlock, the new leader of the Autobots, has tasked Goldbug and Blaster with trying to find the Mechanic and retrieve the stolen items. They are staking out areas of Portland when they two punks attempt to break into and steal Goldbug. When they attempt to do so, Goldbug prevents them every step of the way, leaving them to think the car is haunted sending them fleeing into the arms of the police who arrest them. Goldbug and Blaster return to the Ark to find that Grimlock is furious that they left the scene and didn't destroy any humans who interfered with them. With no satisfactory excuses, Grimlock orders them to wait while Wheeljack builds a device that will allow them to track the stolen devices.

While at the Portland Police Department, Detective Greico is given his next assignment: To take now Nester Forbes, AKA the Mechanic and smash his car stealing empire. While in an abandoned Portland factory, the Mechanic has been making a lucrative living not only stealing cars but modifying, maintaining and repairing vehicles owned by local criminals. When one mobster doesn't like the fifty thousand dollar price tag on his repair job, the Mechanic uses one of his high-tech devices to strip the car down to strip the car down to it's basic frame and uses his Power Booster Wrench to toss it and the mobster out of the factory and into a nearby stream.

Back at the Ark, Wheeljack manages to pinpoint the location of their stolen technology and Grimlock orders Blaster and Goldbug out to collect it. They arrive at on a country road and watch as the Mechanic attempts to steal a delivery truck carrying a powerful super-computer. When Blaster and Goldbug attempt to stop them, a police tactical team arrives and begins firing at will, giving the Mechanic and his partner Juan the diversion they need to get away. When Blaster attempts to stop them from taking the truck with his Electro-Scrambler, he's shot in the arm with a bazooka throwing off his shot. When they try to chase after the mechanic in Goldbug's vehicle mode, Detective Greico shoots out one of Goldbug's tires, necessitating them to pull over down the road so Blaster can change it, giving the Mechanic a clean getaway.

Back at his factory hideout, the Mechanic is meeting with the cities many crime bosses and offering them the chance of a lifetime: having their cars rigged up with weapons, making them deadly weapons. When Blaster and Goldbug arrive, Blaster stays behind as watch while Goldbug gets close to the factory and spies on them. As Goldbug radios what he sees to Blaster, he is unaware that Juan has patched into their radio frequency and is listening in. When the police arrive, Blaster reveals himself to them and shows that he means them no harm. He and Detective Greco agree to work together. Goldbug meanwhile attempts to snoop around and is captured by Juan.

Blaster and Grieco then burst in creating a diversion and signaling the other officers to storm the building. When Blaster transforms he uses his electro-scrambler on the cars causing them to go haywire and smash into each other. In the confusion, the Mechanic flees the scene and when Juan attempts to strip Goldbug, Grieco comes up behind him with a gun forcing him to stop.

Afterward, the police thank Goldbug and Blaster for their help, however, the two Autobots realize that Grimlock will not be happy. Deciding that they no longer wish to be commanded by a tyrant, Goldbug and Blaster defect and decide to strike it out on their own.

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