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A Decepticon cargo shuttle crash-lands in the Arizona desert, it's pilot attempts to crawl out of the crater, but something pulls him back in, something painful, as he is pulled back down he drops a lone bolt. While in Oregon, Goldbug and Blaster has sought out G.B. Blackrock, convincing him to take his date home in Goldbug. Blackrock is less than impressed that his date is ruined, after refueling Goldbug, the two Autobots transform. Blackrock is a little surprised seeing Goldbug (having seen him last when he was Bumblebee) and he wasn't aware of Blaster until he transformed into robot mode. His lack of trust angers Blaster who tells him he lost a friend battling the Decepticons. This leads to an argument between Blaster and Goldbug over leaving a comrade behind, Blaster tells Goldbug he had no choice.

Blackrock interrupts the argument and asks them what they want. They explain that they have gone rogue and are seeking out the Decepticons and want to know if he's heard anything. Blackrock tells them he's heard reports of a strange meteor that has crashed in the Arizona desert that has been sending out radio signals. After driving Blackrock home, the two Autobots head to Arizona to check it out.

Meanwhile, on Cybertron, Decepticon fuel auditor Ratbat has called the Decepticon Triple Changers, Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and Octane, to investigate the crash on Earth. Because of the sensitive nature of the mission he is forced to use the highly energy consumptive Space Bridge to send the Triple Changers to Earth to investigate.

The crater on Earth has also brought the attention of a group of research scientists led by Dr. Walter Huddleston. Among the scientists is the young and eager Charlie Fong, who inquires about going down into the crater, however Huddleston tells him they must ensure it is safe first. Just then, the Space Bridge materializes at the lip of the crater and the three Triple Changers arrive. They buzz the area in their flight modes scaring away all the scientists. Descending into the crater, the trio of Decepticons attempt to approach the pilot who is laying in a pile of nuts, bolts, and screws. The pilot warns them to stay back, and Blitzwing -- taking the caution as a threat -- steps forward into the pile of nuts and bolts, and is shocked by sudden pain and then realizes some of the bolts and screws have lodged themselves into his foot.

The robots arrival has caused the military to seal off the crater, leading to much disappointment for Charlie. Having just arrived Goldbug and Blaster overhear Charlie complaining about wanting to get beyond the military blockade and see what's in the crater and decide to reveal themselves to him and help him out. Approaching the military, Charlie attempts to pass Blaster off as a motion detector that can help the military monitor the Decepticons movements in the crater, they let him pass.

As they approach the crater, the lone bolt that was dropped on its lip earlier suddenly transforms into a tiny robot and spies the two Autobots and sees them as a source of food. When the Decepticons come out of the crater and attack, their blasts send Charlie falling into the crater, however, Goldbug goes down after him just narrowly avoiding getting bit by the small robot. There they find the wrecked Decepticon ship and it's pilot. The pilot explains to Goldbug and Charlie that he was hired to carry special cargo to Earth because using the Space Bridge would have been too costly. While preparing routine repairs to the ship, he flew through a strange cloud in space. It turned out to be Scraplets, parasitic robots that can transform into nuts bolts and screw, that feed and multiply off of living mechanical creatures. Finishing his story the robot then dies. The Scraplets, detecting Goldbug in the vicinity transform into robot mode and swarm toward him. Charlie manages to keep them at bay, however.

Above the crater, Blaster tries his best to keep the three Decepticons at bay, however their fight ends up breaking up the lip of the crater sending them all crashing down into it. Blaster lands on a pile of Scraplets, getting infected instantly. As Octane explains what's happened to Blaster, Blaster radios to Goldbug to get ready for a surprise attack. However, Goldbug hesitates when Octane mentions that 83,000 years ago Cybertron was infected with Scraplets but a rare element was used to destroy them, Charlie realizes there may be a cure and that they need to find it. Convincing Goldbug to flee, Blaster thinks that his partner is a coward and is struck down easily.

Goldbug has second thoughts and transforms at the top of the crater. As Charlie tries to convince him that they have to go to find a cure, Goldbug is infected by the lone Scraplet at the top of the crater. With no other choice, Goldbug transforms again and the two drive off into the desert in the hopes to find a cure. However, not even a half hour later, Goldbug is in rough shape leaving them both to wonder if he and Blaster are going to survive.

This story is continued next issue...

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