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The Decepticons have succeeded in capturing Sparkplug Witwicky from the Autobots in order to force him into converting Earth's fuel sources into the kind that the Decepticons can use to refuel themselves. Internal strife begins between the Decepticons as Starscream openly begins to question Megatron, tipping the Decepticon commander off to the fact that Starscream may make a bid for Decepticon leadership. When they demand that Sparkplug to do the work for them, Sparkplug simply rhymes off his rank and military serial number like he did when he was a prisoner during the Korean War. This only works to annoy Megatron who demands Sparkplug work for them or be killed.

At the Witwicky garage, the energy depleted Autobots begin to pick themselves up and Buster asks them to rescue their father, his capture something that Bumblebee blames himself for personally. Optimus Prime vows that once they have returned to base and repaired themselves and refueled they will go and rescue Buster's father. Jessie and "O" come to check on Buster, and Optimus explains that they need to return to base immediately. After loading Sideswipe and Hound into his trailer, Buster hops into Optimus Prime and they all drive off back to the Ark where Ratchet is waiting to perform repairs and refuelling.

While back at the Decepticons base, Sparkplug is "convinced" into helping out the Decepticons thanks to the pressuring tactics of Laserbeak. Ordering Frenzy to provide a Cybertronian fuel sample, Megatron orders Sparkplug to get to work. Sparkplug tells Megatron that he needs specialized equipment and Earth fuel to attempt to convert, so Megatron sends out Starscream, Soundwave, and Rumble to collect the supplies that Sparkplug needs.

The rash of attacks gains the attention of both the US and Russian governments, SHIELD, and notably the Daily Bugle who sends Peter Parker to cover the story. By the time Parker arrives outside the Decepticon base, there is an entire military platoon and media reporters on the side. Unable to get exclusives conventionally, Peter slips away and allows his alien costume shape into his Spider-Man costume so he can go in for a closer look.

As the Decepticons become aware of the military's presence outside, Megatron sends Starscream, Thundercracker, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Rumble and Frenzy to deal with them. The military finds themselves woefully outmatched by the Decepticons superior firepower. Spider-Man meanwhile happens to spy the Autobot Gears on a recon mission and, thinking that he's just like the Decepticons attempts to stop the Autobot from reporting back to Optimus Prime. However, Spider-Man becomes convinced that they are on the same side when he saves a bunch of reporters from being crushed by a tank thrown by Thundercracker.

Taking Spider-Man back with him to the other Autobots, Spider-Man agrees to help the Autobots sneak past the military blockade by stealing a soldier's helmet and posing as a military officer in order to get past. The Autobots arrive on the battlefield and engage the Decepticons, however they also face opposition from the humans who cannot tell the difference between Autobot and Decepticon, and some of the Autobots are downed by Rumble and Frenzy.

Gears and Spider-Man meanwhile have scaled up the back of the mountain and are bounding up when Gears' rocket boots begin to run out of power, and Spider-Man has to resort to using a web line to help hoist Gears the rest of the way up. Inside, Sparkplug has completed his work and come up with a method of converting Earths fuel into fuel suitable for Transformers to use. As Spider-Man and Gears sneak into the base, they easily fight their way past Ravage and Soundwave before facing Megatron himself.

As Spider-Man wraps Megatron up in webbing, Gears grabs Sparkplug. However, Megatron easily breaks free of the webbing and announcing that Sparkplug's usefulness is up blasts the ground out from under Gears sending the two falling to their doom. Spider-Man jumps down after them shooting web lines to catch both Gears and Sparkplug. While Sparkplug is saved, Gears' weight causes the line to snap sending him falling to his destruction. Bringing back everyone, including Gears' remains the Autobots are confused by Sparkplug and Spider-Man's concept of death.

Much to their surprise when they return to the Ark, and after Sparkplug is reunited with his father, Spider-Man and Sparkplug witness as Ratchet repairs and reactivates Gears and Spider-Man departs. Back online Gears has some grim news indeed: Sparkplug gave the Decepticons the formula the Decepticons wanted, much to Buster's horror.

Solicit Synopsis

Guest-starring the Amazing Spider-Man! The Decepticons have kidnapped Sparkplug Witwicky! Spidey and the Autobots race against time to rescue Sparkplug before the Decepticons force him to reveal the secret of how to convert gasoline into Transformers' fuel!


  • Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, and Joe Robertson all make an appearance in this issue due to the fact at that the time Marvel editorial staff intended to include the Transformers as part of Earth-616 continuity. Other than an appearance of the character Circuit Breaker in Secret Wars II #3 the Transformers and related characters would no longer interact with Marvel's own characters.
  • The character Shockwave is depicted as one of the Earth bound Decepticons in one panel even though he is not officially introduced until Transformers #4.
  • In this issue all the characters are drawn similar to how they appear in the Transformers cartoon.
  • Spider-Man's appearance happens prior to Amazing Spider-Man #258.

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