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Blaster and the Throttlebots are in California when they are suddenly attacked by the Vortex, leaving them to pull off some fancy highway maneuvers to allow Blaster to blast the Combaticon with his electro-destabilizer rifle. During the fight Rollbar's back end is blasted open Low on fuel they stop at a Blackrock gas station to fuel up, however, the owner of the franchise has sold out to RAAT who have set up an ambush. During the fight, the gas is ignited, forcing Blaster to save the soldiers lives before the station explodes. With no other choice, Blaster and the Throttlebots flee the scene.

While back at the Ark, Grimlock oversees Wheeljack's installation of a device that creates Energon Cubes from the heat energy generated from the volcano within Mount St. Hillary and the efforts being done to repair the Ark and make it space worthy once more. When Slag interrupts to tell him that he's learned the location of Blaster and Goldbug, Grimlock sends the Protectobots to go and collect them.

While back in California, the Throttlebots and Blaster decide that it's best to lay low for the night and decide to park in the first lot they see and pretend that they are regular cars. They are completely unaware that the lot they have chosen to park in is a lot of crooked used car salesman Big Steve. The next day as Big Steve opens for business, he's given a notice by the police to look out for six vehicles of interest, and then shoos them off before they can scare away customers. After ripping off a young family on their first car purchase, Big Steve notices six vehicles on his lot that he hasn't seen previously.

Going back to his office, his co-worker asks if he can keep Blaster, whom he found in one of the cars, Big Steve allows it and then goes to inspect these new vehicles. Noticing the damage on Rollbar, he decides that he needs to be scrapped. Saying this aloud prompts the Throttlebots to blow their cover and ask Big Steve to help them maintain their cover and get them some fuel so that they can continue on their way. Big Steve agrees and along the way back to his office he remembers the letter the police gave him. Realizing that there is a $50,000 reward on each vehicle Big Steve decides to sell out the Throttlebots. He sends off his co-worker to get a case lot of soda calls in RAAT to come collect the robots. When the co-worker comes back Big Steve gasses up the Throttlebots with the soda.

When RAAT arrives, Blaster tells the Throttlebots to escape, however, they cannot due to the soda in their gas tanks. Before Big Steve can complete his transaction with Walter Barnett, both the Combaticons and Protectobots arrive to collect the rogue Autobots. Big Steve decides that he will turn them over to the highest bidder. When Swindle attempts to blast Big Steve, Blaster blows his cover to save his life leading to a clash between the Combaticons and Protectobots. In the confusion, Walter Barnett hands Big Steve a check and makes off with the Throttlebots.

As the battle rages on, Big Steve's used car lot inventory is reduced to scrap and the Combaticons are forced into retreating thanks in part to Blaster's help. Despite the fact that Big Steve's business is ruined he is happy with the $300,000 check that he got from RAAT. Blaster, furious that Big Steve would sell out his friends uses his electro-scrambler disintegrate the check. When Blaster asks the Protectobots to help him rescue the Throttlebots, they refuse, drawing their weapons they tell him that they are placing him under arrest.

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