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Synopsis for "Man of Iron Part 2"

Story reprinted from Transformers (UK) #11 and Transformers (UK) #12...

Continued from last issue...

Jazz manages to calm Sammy and convince him that he will come to no harm. He is taking him to Optimus Prime. Along the way, Mirage, Trailbreaker, and Bluestreak join them. Then they are attacked by Thundercracker, who badly injures Trailbreaker, before being shot down himself by Bluestreak.

They eventually reach the shuttle ship where Prime is waiting. He explains to Sammy that they have been tracking a signal from an ancient Autobot ship. He believes that the Autobots on Cybertron sent a rescue ship for them after they crashed on Earth only for the ship to crash itself. The Man of Iron is an Autobot who occasionally reactivates in an attempt to complete its mission. The Decepticons want to destroy the ship and its occupants and the Autobots are trying to stop them.

The army investigates the Decepticon attack on the castle and digs at the point where their probe landed. Suddenly the ground shakes and the Man of Iron appears from a hidden door in the ground. Then the Decepticons attack and the Man of Iron is destroyed.

Jazz and the Autobots arrive and drive the Decepticons away, returning Sammy to his family as well. Prime decides that given the Decepticon menace, they can't possibly consider returning to Cybertron and abandoning the Earth. He is equally unwilling to leave the rescue ship intact and orders Jazz to destroy it.

Deep within the ship, Navigator lays unconscious waiting for the time when his attendant, the Man of Iron, will awaken him to complete his mission. That time will never arrive as above Jazz — not knowing Navigator is in there — fires a missile that completely vaporizes the ship and its occupant.

Sammy would never again see Jazz — but the Man of Iron would haunt his dreams...


  • This issue reprints two issues of the UK Transformers comic which was printed bi-weekly/weekly and featured many of its own original stories. This was likely done because at the time regular Transformers artist Don Perlin was also penciling the Headmasters limited series

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