Appearing in "Child's Play"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Jed (First appearance)
  • Sammy (First appearance)
  • Allan (First appearance)
  • Robin (First appearance)


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Synopsis for "Child's Play"

Jed, Sammy, Allan, and Robin are playing in the train yards, completely unaware that they will soon be dragged into the middle of the Transformers war on Earth. The Protectobots are nearby, carrying Blaster (trapped in boombox mode due to a mode lock device) as their prisoner to take back to their leader Grimlock for punishment. They radio in to Grimlock advising that the Combaticons are in the area, however, Grimlock wants Blaster back right away as they have finished repairing the Ark and are now presently refueling it.

Stashing Blaster in a drain pipe, the Protectobots scout the area, piquing the interest of Jed and his friends and flushing out the Combaticons. As the two groups battle each other, Sammy finds Blaster in the drain pipe and is freaked out when the Autobot talks to him. When he tries to tell the others, Jed calls him a liar until Robin pulls Blaster out of the pipe and proves Sammy's claims. As they come to terms with this, the Combaticons merge into Bruticus and the Protectobots into Defensor to continue their battle. While back at the Ark, Grimlock has the Autobots put the final modifications on a restraint chair meant for Blaster. When Wheeljack reports that the homing signal on Blaster's mode lock device hasn't moved in some time. Fed up of waiting, Grimlock orders the Ark be launched and collect Blaster directly.

As the two giant robots fight, Blaster convinces the kids to remove his mode lock device so that he can protect them from harm. Transforming into robot mode, Blaster saves the kids when a shot reflected off Defensor's force field hits a hydro-tower prompting Blaster to knock it out of their way. When Bruticus knocks out Defensor he approaches Blaster and quick thinking Blaster tells him that he's quit the Autobots and has no allegiance with them. Bruticus demands that Blaster prove it by shooting one of the children, and banks on Sammy following with his bluff and pretending to be shot when Blaster fires a blank at him. This distracts Bruticus long enough for Blaster swing the hydro-tower at him. The resulting electrical discharge causes Bruticus to disassemble and knocks all his components unconscious.

After the battle, Hotspot notes Blaster's protection of the children, and Blaster explains that it was helping humans that got him in trouble with Grimlock in the first place. Hotspot decides to let Blaster go free, and Blaster -- to reward the children for helping him out agrees to pilot Blast Off into space (trapped in his rocket mode thanks to the mode lock device) to see the vastness of space and fly around the Earth. When they get out into space, however, they are soon tracked down and attacked by the Ark.

This story is continued next issue...

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