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Called to Earth space by his old friend Sky Lynx uses a warp gate to span the distance between Cybertron and Earth to assist Wheeljack in overthrowing Grimlock as leader of the Autobots. Grimlock meanwhile has repaired the Ark and launched it after the Decepticon Blast Off; who is unconscious and mode-locked while Blaster takes a group of Earth children to a trip in space in thanks for their assistance in defeating the Combaticons.

Their fun and games end short when the Ark begins attacking them, forcing Blaster to take evasive maneuvers, however, they cannot shake the larger craft. Sammy, to make sure Blaster doesn't get captured, tosses the rogue Autobot out of the airlock and their craft is captured soon after and are taken to be brought to Grimlock. Blaster meanwhile takes control of a television satellite and uses it to go after the children.

After the children are fitted with space suits by Wheeljack they are taken before Grimlock and they explain their story. Grimlock finds them guilty of aiding a traitor and orders them to be put to death. When Snarl inquires about how the other Autobots may react to this, Grimlock tells him quietly that he doesn't intend to kill the children, only intends to pretend so that he may draw Blaster out of hiding to rescue them and ultimately get captured.

The children are jettisoned into space but are rescued from the void by Sky Lynx. While Blaster smuggles himself aboard the Ark, Grimlock orders everyone back in and chases after Sky Lynx. When they reach an asteroid field, the Dinobots decide to disembark the Ark and chase after Sky Lynx and the children. While aboard the Ark, Blaster confronts his fellow Autobots who ask him to take over leadership of the Autobots. Blaster agrees to help overthrow Grimlock. However, these hopes are dashed when Grimlock and the Dinobots corner Sky Lynx and order Blaster's surrender unless the children be destroyed. With no other choice, Blaster surrenders to Grimlock.

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  1. Twin Twist never made an appearance in the US Transformers comic
  2. Like Twin Twist, Sandstorm never made an appearance in the US Comic
  3. Wildrider was depicted as being created on Earth in Transformers #22 his depiction here is an artists error.

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