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The Autobots aboard the Steelhaven have tried in vein to rebuild a new body for Optimus Prime since recovering a disk containing his mind from Ethan Zachary. When their most recent attempt has failed Hot Rod radios in to inform them that he has located the Earthbound Autobots that are aboard the Ark. They contact the Ark and are allowed to board the ship. However, when Grimlock insists that there is only one true leader of the Autobots, Fortress Maximus agrees and shows him the disk containing Prime's mind. Grimlock scoffs at Prime due to Grimlock's perception that Prime was a weakling due to the fact that he was a human sympathizer. Fortress Maximus then reveals that he is binary bonded to Spike Witwicky, souring things further. When Grimlock asks how they found the Ark, Spike mentions they found it thanks to Goldbug. This angers Grimlock even more because he still considers Goldbug a traitor. Goldbug however surrenders himself before a fight can break out and then Grimlock decides that they will sort out who is the chosen leader of the Autobots by a trail of combat, pitting Fortress Maximus' champion against on of Grimlock's choosing.

When Goldbug is tossed into the brig, he is finally reunited with Blaster and learns how his former partner was captured by Grimlock. Goldbug suggests that Blaster volunteer himself to stand as Fortress Maximus' champion, if only for the purpose of getting even with Grimlock. When Fortress Maximus accepts Grimlock's challenge he is shocked to see that Blaster has chosen to fight in his place. Meanwhile, aboard the Decepticon spaceship, Ratbat is informed by Soundwave that there is a large concentration of Autobots landing on the Moon. Finding this an ideal opportunity Ratbat orders his troops to prepare for a sneak attack.

The battle begins within a crater on the Moon and while all the Autobots are distracted with the fight, the Decepticons ambush them. As the Autobots counter attack, Grimlock and Blaster (unable to hear the battle in the vacuum of space) continue their fight. The Constructicons break into the Ark and steal the deactivated bodies of Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Buzzsaw, Rumble and Frenzy and return them to the Decepticon ship. In the chaos, Goldbug returns to the Steelhaven and instructs it's security crew, Slapdash, Joyride, and Getaway to pull a full retreat as part of Fortress Maximus' contingency plan.

Grimlock and Blaster stop fighting when they finally see the battle going on around them and decide to put aside their differences and help their fellow Autobots. The inclusion of Blaster and Grimlock give the Autobots the edge that they need and turn the tides of battle. With his minions losing the fight, Ratbat orders a full retreat and all the Decepticons flee the scene. In the aftermath of the battle, the Autobots find themselves stranded on the Moon when Fortress Maximus tells them all that he ordered the Steelhaven to leave. He explains to all gathered that if this battle was any indication, there is only one Autobot fit to lead them: Optimus Prime. As such, he sent Goldbug and a small crew of Autobots to the only other place with the technology that could help them rebuild Optimus Prime: Nebulos.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. Outback had not been introduced or seen again in the US Comic, and was drawn in error
  2. Broadside's inclusion among the Autobots was in error

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