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Continued from last issue...

Shockwave has arrived at G.B. Blackrock's high-tech oil drilling platform and orders the humans to surrender it over to him. Not willing to give up his latest expensive venture, G.B. Blackrock orders his security expert Jose Beller to initiated the defense systems. Whatever weapons they throw at Shockwave prove ineffectual until their pierce his armor with surface-to-air harpoons causing him pain. Furious at this attack Shockwave then begins to open fire on the rig, causing electrical feedback that short circuits the control room and electrocutes Josie. As everyone abandons ship, G.B. Blackrock finds the unconscious Josie and carries her out. He arrives on the top deck as Shockwave arrives and announces that he will allow all the survivors to flee to warn the mainland of the coming Decepticon conquest.

Radioing into the Ark, Shockwave orders a number of the Decepticons to help prepare the oil rig for Decepticon purposes. Watching his former subordinates following Shockwaves orders infuriates Megatron who vows to get revenge on Shockwave. Elsewhere aboard the Ark, Buster Witwicky attempts to come to terms with the fact that Optimus Prime's decapitated head is a prisoner of the Decepticons while all the other Autobots are apparently dead. Optimus Prime tells Buster that he is the Autobots last hope and asks him to remove two of the terminals from his head and place them on his temples. Following Prime's orders, Buster is given a massive electrical jolt that renders him unconscious.

Outside Ratchet begins to worry about what is taking Buster so long to come back when he spots Shockwave flying back to base and is surprised to find the Decepticon active on modern-day Earth when the last he could recall was that Shockwave was still on Cybertron. Shockwave enters the room where Megatron is still undergoing repairs to gloat over his achievements since taking control of the Decepticons infuriating Megatron even more. Buster meanwhile revives, and groggily sneaks out of the base and informs Ratchet of everything he's seen inside.

Megatron, despite the fact he is not fully repaired attacks Shockwave head on. Their fight sends them rocketing toward the city of Valleymond where Megatron and Shockwave duke it out on a football field. During the fight, Shockwave grabs a water tower and uses it as a club against Megatron. The former Decepticon commander foolishly strikes it causing the water to spill on his exposed circuits causing him to short out. While Megatron is reeling in pain, Shockwave transforms into space gun mode and blasts Megatron. With Megatron defeated he is tempted to destroy Megatron but comes up with a better idea. Vowing to demoralize Megatron and use him as an example to the other Decepticons, he brings the defeated former Decepticon commander and shows him to the Decepticons present, he then asks the Decepticons to pledge their allegiance to him and him alone. The Decepticons agree unanimously, including the defeated Megatron. While outside, Ratchet and Buster wrack their brains to figure out what to do next.

This story is continued next issue....


  • Error: Ratchet is depicted on the final panel as having a Decepticon symbol.

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