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G.B. Blackrock has created a new anti-robot device to use against the Decepticons that have taken over his oil drilling platform and his aerospace plant, drawing the ire of the military who sends officials to question him about it at Blackrock Speedway. G.B. dismisses them on the premise that they have invaded his facilities and he can deal with them however he chooses. He then goes to the Blackrock Chronic Care institute where he visits Josie Beller who was crippled during the attack on his oil drilling platform. Josie shows off some of her new inventions and talks about how she can't wait to leave the hospital and work with him again, to which Blackrock feels saddened.

While in the Mount St. Hellen's region, Ratchet has repaired a majority of the Autobots since retaking the Ark. After testing them out, he takes particular notice of Jazz's interest in Earth culture. While discussing a plan to recapture the head of Optimus Prime and deal with their fuel problems with Prowl, Jazz suggests to Ratchet that they strike a deal with the humans. He suggests that they offer G.B. Blackrock protection, freeing his captured facilities in exchange for fuel. Liking the idea, Prowl sends Jazz and Wheeljack to try to broker a deal.

While at Blackrock's Aerospace plant, Starscream reports back to Shockwave that the Autobots have regained control of the Ark. Shockwave dismisses this as irrelevant as the Autobots are not a threat so long as they have their leader Optimus Prime as their prisoner. Frenzy enters the room having heard the news about Blackrock's weapon and throws a tantrum. After ordering Buzzsaw to quiet Frenzy, Shockwave decides that the humans deserve a show of power and sends Starscream and Frenzy off to destroy Blackrock's weapon. Shockwave then goes to check to see how his six new Decepticons are thriving and gloats once more to Prime how he intends to exploit his Creation Matrix and create a new army of Decepticons. Prime muses to himself how Shockwave will never get the chance since he has transferred the Creation Matrix into the mind of Buster Witwicky.

At the Witwicky Garage, Buster toils fruitlessly to try and keep his father's business alive while Sparkplug is in the hospital. While fighting with some tools, he suddenly is struck again with another headache and to his surprise puts a motor back together with his mind and has a complete understanding how the mechanics of the engine works.

That night at Blackrock's head office, Josie Beller arrive and reveals her new circuitry suit that allows her to move about. Calling herself Circuit Breaker she shows off her ability to fire destructive beams, fly and scramble electronics and offers Blackrock her services as his secret weapon against the robots that have taken over his plants. Blackrock declines, not wanting Josie to do any more harm to herself and vows that he will destroy the robots. Unimpressed with the vow, Josie angrily walks out telling Blackrock that she will do as she pleases.

The next day Blackrock is at his raceway to unveil his new robot destroying device. Skirting the press, Blackrock attempts to spend time alone before the demonstration when he confronted by and forced into Jazz. Taking Blackrock on a high-speed chase with the police, he explains the situation between the Autobots and Decepticons, explaining that there are two different factions. Driving off a cliff and safely landing and keeping Blackrock safe convinces the businessman of Jazz's claims and he agrees to provide fuel to the Autobots in exchange for freeing his oil rig and aerospace plant from Decepticon control.

Returning to the raceway, Blackrock attempts to show off his new weapon to combat robots and it fails to work at the demonstration. Then Circuit Breaker arrives and tells Blackrock that she sabotaged the device and that he should name her his secret weapon in order to avoid embarrassment. He is about to do just that when suddenly the raceway is attacked by Starscream and Frenzy, prompting Jazz to spring into action. Jazz attempts to stop the two Decepticons when he is attacked by Circuit Breaker who incapacitates him. Wheeljack enters the fray, taking down Frenzy with a magnetic dust missile.

When Starscream attempts to attack Wheeljack he is downed by Circuit Breaker who then turns her firepower on Wheeljack incapacitating him as well. Starscream and Frenzy then flee the scene and before Circuit Breaker can kill Jazz or Wheeljack, G.B. Blackrock appeals to her and tries to convince her that there are two different factions of robots, one good, one bad. Josie doesn't believe it but spares the two Autobots anyway. She then calls all debts paid and leaves, vowing that next time nothing he says will stop her from destroying ANY robot in the future.

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