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Transia Corporation Building, United States

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Rowan Hamilton (formerly)

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Transia Corporation Building

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The Transia Corporation was an American technology company with ties to Gideon Malick. Their projects included development on an exoskeleton to enhance the wearer's physical capabilities and research into ways to combat invasive species. Transia fired Dr. Holden Radcliffe, the head of the company's team researching invasive species, for conducting unethical experiments in transhumanism.[1]

Transia's downfall came when Gideon Malick, secretly a head of Hydra sought Transia's resources to aid Hydra's "god," the Inhuman known as "Hive," in his plan to take over the world. Malick tried to convince Transia's executive board to sell him the entire company in exchange for a S.H.I.E.L.D.-developed prosthetic hand. When the company's CEO refused Malick's offer, Hive devoured the executives with his parasites. Hydra absorbed the company and all its assets.[2] Hive had all of Transia's research into invasive species scrubbed so it could never be used against him.[3]


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