When the swarms of Leviathons began to fall to Earth, Moon Girl vowed to help resolve the problem with science,[1] and to this end she developed a device which translated the monsters' shrieks and howls, revealing they were in fact coordinating in an effort to cleanse the planet as an offering to their ruler.[2]

When her partner, Devil Dinosaur, was drawn by Kei Kawade as a demonstration of his powers, Lunella was instantly summoned to his location at Parker Industries, New York Headquarters as well. She took an immediate liking to the fellow NuHuman, in part due to their closeness in age, and shared with him her findings regarding the Leviathon Tide's intentions.[3]

Lunella then miniaturized her decoder into a Translation Helmet which she patched into the building's intercom in order to allow everyone present to hear what the invaders were saying,[4] though Kid Kaiju later admitted he could understand the Leviathon Mother without the helmet's deciphering capabilities.[5]

Later, Moon Girl further miniaturized the Translation Helmet and amplified its range with a communication array set up on the roof of the highest point of Manhattan's Lower East Side. This allowed her to receive a deep space distress call from an alien girl who claimed to have been separated from her father and was lost and alone.[6]

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