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The Transluminal Tuning Fork was built and used by Galactus to disrupt a magnetic defense shield surrounding Luphom II. It was recovered by a group of scientists that studied the Devourer of Worlds, and kept in their base of operations in the Jojola Nebula.

Being used by Galactus

When the Guardians of the Galaxy set out to help take down the Planetary Defense Shield that surrounded the Earth, they were directed by Mantis to Jojola Nebula in order to retrieve the Tuning Fork. The Guardians soon arrived to Jojola Nebula with the help of Yondu Udonta, and discovered the fork was being used as a component of a crude statue of Galactus created by an army of Punishers which had overrun the base of the scientists that had studied their master.

Yondu subsequently double-crossed the Guardians and abandoned Gamora in the middle of nowhere, soon revealing he was being backed-up by the Ravagers, with whom he planned to take the Tuning Fork and sell it to Earth rather than give it without charge.

being used by Gamora

The Ravagers and the Guardians were forced to take refuge in a facility after the Punishers swarmed the Ravagers' ship. While the Punishers closed in on the facility, Gamora arrived to it having recovered the Tuning Fork from the Ravagers' ship, and used it to take down the Punishers. Unfortunately, while taking a look at it, Rocket Raccoon noticed the Tuning Fork had been partially taken apart by the Punishers, which caused Gamora's use of it to burn it out. Regardless of Gamora's actions, Rocket also determined the Tuning Fork's potency in its previous state wouldn't have been enough to take down the Planetary Defense Shield either way.[1]

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