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Trapstr debuted interrupting a fight between the Vulture and Spider-Man, immobilizing them both with her paste gun and stealing some of the former's loot from a robbery. She originally introducing herself as the new Trapster, she dropped the "e" from her alias after Spider-Man wondered if it was spelled like that.[2]

When the Beetle founded an all-female criminal enterprise named the Syndicate, Trapstr was part of it.[3] Together, they went after Boomerang for revenge.[1] After Beetle arranged behind her partners' back to hand him over to the Kingpin,[4] the entirety of the Syndicate felt compelled to help him evade arrest when he disclosed with them the secret reason why Fisk was after him. The Syndicate were apprehended afterwards, but Beetle broke them out of police custody.[5]





  • Trapstr used Facebook.[6]

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