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Garbageman's Trash
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Formed by the Garbage Man
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Trash is a group of super-powered inner city youths who, for a time, acted as agents of the criminal known as the Garbage Man. The Garbage Man collected the youths from the streets and gave them their code names, calling the group Trash in disrespect, although the youths have since taken the name as a badge of honor. The Garbage Man operated a profitable crack operation in New York, using the group Trash as protection and as runners and keeping them in line through abuse and violence.

Trash battled the super team called Power Pack when the team of young heroes tried to break up Garbage Man's drug operations. The Garbage Man ultimately defeated Power Pack, but when he tried to kill them, Trash rebelled and turned on their former master. Trash freed Power Pack and together the two groups defeated the Garbage Man and stopped his drug operation.

Freed from the Garbage Man, Trash turned down Power Pack's solution to become full-fledged heroes, instead choosing to make their own way on the street under their own code.

At some point, the group relocated to Chicago where they offered their services to various gangs. Their operations brought them into conflict with Luke Cage.

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