A writer, Hoyt had relocated to Haiti after being paralyzed during a plane crash. He grew to despise technology and industry. While investigating a plant, Hoyt found a radioactive pool. He learned that through exposure to the pool's waters, he was able to walk and became much stronger. At the same time, it destroyed his skin. To cover this up, he wore a mask and bandages.[1]

Hoyt used his powers to attack power plants as the Night Phantom. He used speakers to play drumbeats, making the locals believe a supernatural force was responsible for the sabotage. Anthony Stark arrived to investigate one such attack on his "Project Caribbean." He and an inspector were attacked by the Night Phantom while investigating.[1]

Janice Cord also traveled to Haiti at the time. They visited Hoyt, as he had been a friend of her father's. Angry that she was romantically involved with Stark, Hoyt attempted to place her in the pool. Stark as Iron Man intervened. In the resulting battle Hoyt was swept away via a crack in the pool.[1]

Years later, Hoyt was revealed to have been imprisoned at S.H.I.E.L.D's Pleasant Hill facility, [2] and later attended the Hood's super-villain recruitment session for those seeking revenge on the people responsible for the facility's reality-warping techniques.[3]


Enhanced strength and durability

Strength level

Superhuman Class 25


Loudspeaker; mask and bandages

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