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Quote1.png Isn't it every kid's dream to live in a treehouse? Quote2.png
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The Treehouse is the new headquarters and residence of the X-Men located near Central Park in Manhattan.[1]


After the decision was made to recreate the X-Men, plans began for a new headquarters. The White Queen purchased a large plot of land at the southwest corner of Central Park 86th Street Transverse. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Marvel Girl met with Forge, Cypher, and Krakoa to collaborate on the design of the Treehouse, which was initially grown on Krakoa.[1]

Overnight, the existing structures were silently taken down and the miniature Treehouse was planted. Using her temporal powers, Tempo grew the Treehouse to its full size in a very short time. In the morning, the X-Men were able to unveil the Treehouse and Seneca Gardens to the world.[1]

Not long after opening, Gambit hosted a poker game with The Thing, Black Cat, and Rhino much to the displeasure of Rogue.[2] Despite Rogue's objections, Gambit continued to host his clastine poker nights (though Rhino was subbed out for Forge).[3]

When he outlawed superhero villantes in New York City, Mayor Fisk sent U.S.Agent and his Thunderbolts to the Treehouse to force the X-Men to leave. While the X-Men delayed U.S.Agent, Emma Frost and Harry Leland petitioned the United Nations to have the Treehouse recognized as a consulate of the sovereign nation of Krakoa. Because the X-Men were posted at the consulate, they could not be forced out of New York.[4]

Points of Interest

  • Conference Room: Room with a large conference table and Krakoan Gateway.[1]
  • Operations: The communication hub.[1]
  • Hanger Deck: Housing the new Thunderbird.[5]
  • Habitat Level: Providing housing pods for all the active X-Men.[1]
  • Medical Bay: For use with smaller injuries that do not require the Healing Gardens.[1]


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