Tremolo is a criminal and former mutant who had the ability to shoot energy blasts and create vibration waves.

Tremolo joined the Hell's Belles where she acted as an enforcer and extortionist. X-Factor defeated the Belles after they were hired by former Belle Shrew for protection.[1]

After Scarlet Witch's Decimation of the mutant population, Tremolo was one of countless mutants who lost her powers.[2]

Tremolo later resurfaced alongside her depowered teammates, and used various weaponry to rob a bank. However, they were stopped by the Children of the Atom and presumably imprisoned.[3]


Briquette, learning of the Belles' capture, traveled from Krakoa to the prison where they were held and freed them. Tremolo briefly fought the Children of the Atom again, but Storm interrupted the battle and invited Tremolo and the other depowered Belles to join Briquette on Krakoa, hinting that they could regain their powers back through the Crucible.[4]

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None, Tremolo is a depowered mutant.

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