Tremolo is a member of the Great Game, a player who took part in an attack upon the United Nations building in New York. His vibratory powers shattered a wall allowing he and his teammates entry to attack Namor the Sub-Mariner, then used them to keep Mr. Fantastic at bay. The Thunderbolts responded to the crisis, and Speed Demon used his own super-speed to counterattack by matching Tremolo's frequency, resulting in a localized sonic boom that defeated both Tremolo and Richards. Tremolo was further knocked across the room by the Sub-Mariner, then frozen onto the ground by the Thunderbolt, Blizzard. He was apparently killed when the game's overseers, the Skybox, activated the self-destruct sequences in his and his teammates' armor.[1]


Tremolo could project debilitating vibrational waves, although this may have been a result of his armor and not an internal power.


Tremolo wore an exoskeleton which may have been the source of his power, and was definitely fitted with a powerful explosive by his employers.

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