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Trenton Craft

A soldier during World War II, Trenton Craft was picked to be part of a super-soldier program that succeeded the one that spawned Captain America. Instead of attempting to enhance the soldier's physical abilities, however, they enhanced his mental abilities. Christened "Colonel America", Craft was first deployed on the city of Yokohama in Japan on March 26, 1944, where his powers got out of hand and he decimated the island, killing thousands. Following this event, he was sent home and vowed never to use his powers again.[2]

Craft's powers kept him from aging, allowing him to live in obscurity until his seeming death at the hands of Stacy Dolan. Craft survived by the use of his powers which allowed him to get up and walk away after autopsy.[3]

He then learned Vanguard's secrecy was compromised and decided to kill everyone involved to keep their operation a secret. The team survived his telekinetic powers when Retcon was able to make Craft believe he had already killed Dolan and the rest of the team. Later, Craft learned of Retcon's trick and proceeded to capture and torture Blade to locate the others. It is unclear if Craft continued his hunt or not, but he did return to serve Vanguard.[4]

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Craft possesses immense telekinetic abilities giving him the power to decimate an entire city due to his level of matter control that reaches into the bounds of subatomic. This impressive ability also prevents his aging and allows him to heal his own body.


Craft possesses little control over his powers when they are in use.

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