Twenty-five years after his admission in Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Trevor became a monitor into the Sky Station X, a monitoring station built in Earth Orbit in a Sentinel head, now going with the alias of Eye Man.

At that role, he follows the world actualities and threats and monitor the heroes forces globally, but he also battles some of those threats when they're in his area.

Trevor Hawkins (Earth-13729) from Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 29 0003

Battling the Science Vampires

Ultimately, he is the keeper of an arsenal constituted of time-travel technology and Sentinels (at least) kept locked and guarded by Warren Worthington's Archangel Bots and himself, under the agreement of various authority (among them the X-Men High Command, the Time Variance Authority, the Interstellar Committee on Superhuman Arms Control and the Bureau of Mass Destruction).

One day, Professor Logan after having found a "time-capsule" buried there twenty-five years ago, decided to use time-travel tech to send a message to his past-self in order to prevent some events from happening they did.

Eye-Man first tried to prevent him to do, although assisted him to defeat the Archangel Bots, stating that past-Logan did not needed help but ultimately give up, and asked for Logan to thanks his past-teacher, and go out on a mission against Frankenstein, Inc's Science Vampires. Through all of this, he had finally convinced Logan, to only send a good luck message and the key for a safe found years ago in Dog Logan's cabin, containing old toys James and Dog used to play with in their childhood.



Trevor Hawkins (Earth-13729) from Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 29 0001

Eye-Man possess a self-wearing and self-propelled suit which allow his multiples eyes to see through it. This suit can be used in the vacuum of space, and resist seemingly to an atmospheric entry.

Trevor Hawkins (Earth-13729) from Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 1 29 0002


His suit is self-propelled


Two hand-guns firing unknown energy or projectiles

  • Trevor stated, that he's 40 years old. [1]

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