The Triads originated in China as secret societies and over time evolved into criminal organizations.[4] Various costumed superheroes, mutants, and vigilantes have had encounters with the Triads and their affiliates. The Triads being an organized crime group are involved in a wide variety of criminal activities, including narcotics,[5] prostitution,[6] money laundering,[7] gambling,[8] human trafficking,[9] contraband smuggling,[10] and protection rackets.[11]

A number of Chinese crime lords ran empires that crossed oceans or encompassed whole continents, including; (Fu Manchu, Yi Yang, Marcus Tsung, and Mister Negative). Fu Manchu controlled a global crime empire, Marcus Tsung's criminal empire stretched across three large nations (China, India, and Russia), Yi Yang controlled an empire with operations in both the United States and Russia, and Mister Negative's empire is present in both the United States and China.

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Triads, Black Societies, and Tongs


Alternate Realities

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Weapons: Directed energy weapons,[20] walker-like gun platforms,[29] bipedal robots,[30], high-tech battlesuits with visored helmets.[31], and state-of-the art firearms (comparable to what Hydra or SHIELD agents would have).[32][31]


  • In the real world, the Triads are just one form of organized crime in both China and within the Chinese Diaspora. Other types of Chinese crime groups are the "Black Societies" (mainland China)[1], the "Jhao Po" (Thailand),[2] and of course the Tongs. Chinese organized crime groups range from corporate-like syndicates (China) to quasi-street gangs (e.g. the Wah Ching). These groups number in the 1000s, and in China there may be over 4,000 criminal groups with up to 30 million members, making the "Chinese Mafia" the world's largest ethnic "mafia" with a membership outnumbering all the other mobs combined.[3] Based in Hong Kong is perhaps the biggest, richest, best organized, and most powerful Chinese Triad and criminal organization, the Sun Yee On.[4][5][6][7][8][9]
  • Chinese organized crime is estimated to earn $100s of billions every year and maybe over a trillion dollars annually, making the "Chinese Mafia" the wealthiest in the world, likely earning several times as much as the second wealthiest ethnic "mafia". They dominate the manufacturing and trade in counterfeit goods, a business valued at hundreds of billions a year.[10] Another illicit market they dominate is the illegal sports betting underground, also valued in the hundreds of billions.[11] Then there is the tens of billions they earn in other illicit markets; illegal drugs (heroin, crystal meth, ketamine), environmental crime (ivory, timber, animal parts, coal, etc), arms trafficking, people smuggling, credit card fraud, etc.[12]

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