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The Tribbitites, also known as the Toad Men, were an imperialistic reptilian race. They were originally from planet Kroke of the Ouin system, but eventually moved to the artificial homeworld Tribbit. Tribbit was built from stolen Kree plans and used as the capital of the Tribbit Empire.[1]

Attempt to invade Earth[]

The Tribbitites once attempted to invade the planet Earth. In order to gauge Earth's technological capacity, they used their magnetic devices to seek out and abduct the planet's most accredited scientific mind, in this case, Bruce Banner.

They tried to threaten Banner to relinquish information about Earth's technology, but Banner refused. Before they could take further action however, Banner transformed into the incredible Hulk. The Hulk disarmed several of the Toad Men and took control of their capital ship. As he veered the ship further into Earth's atmosphere, the U.S. military shot it down. When they boarded the remains of the ship however, they did not find the Hulk, but the shaken form of Bruce Banner. Several of the Toad Men on board escaped capture and sent a signal flare alerting the Toad King to mount a full-scale invasion. The Toad King used magnetic technology to disrupt the orbit of Earth's moon. Almost instantly, Earth began to feel the effects as the planet was gripped with earthquakes and giant tidal waves. The Tribbitite fleet then began their assault. The Toad Men invasion was soon repelled, but it was not the power of the Hulk that stopped them, but rather the brain of Bruce Banner. Banner used the massive power of his Gamma Gun to reverse the magnetic polarity of the entire Tribbitite fleet, forcing them back into outer space. With the fleet no longer a threat, Earth's moon corrected its orbit and the crisis passed.[2]

They reappeared, coercing the Hulk into capturing the Shaper of Worlds. After the Shaper was captured the Hulk returned and ended up causing significant damage to the machines that ran the Tribbitites' home planet.[3]

The failed Tribbitite invasion of Earth inspired the costumed villain Mysterio to stage an elaborate hoax for the benefit of his employers the Headmen. He hired a family of British dwarves known as the Chutney Brothers and outfitted them with rubber Toadmen costumes. He then sent them to bait Jennifer Walters, aka, the She-Hulk into an elaborate trap involving a staged Tribbitite invasion fleet. She-Hulk saw through Mysterio's ruse, and unmasked the faux-Tribbitites, but Mysterio succeeded in capturing her nonetheless.[4]

The Tribbitites and their leader Toadius V later appear as inhabitants of Weirdworld. They were among the species recruited by Black Knight in preparation for the arrival of the invading Avengers Unity Division.[5]



130% Earth standard


73% nitrogen; 23% oxygen


5.2 Billion


Type of Government

Monarchy; the Tribbitites serve a Toad King who has full authoritative control over the rest of the species.

Level of Technology

Advanced: The Tribbitites possess advanced technology, greatly superior to that of Earth. Their greatest accomplishments are their mastery of electromagnetic forces. The Tribbitites have weaponized electromagnetic power and created a variety of devices and armaments including magnetic grapplers, magnetic mind-detectors, magnetic ray guns, magnetic repulsion rays, magnetic flares, etc.

Cultural Traits

Imperialistic, decadent



The Tribbitites are humanoids reptilian. They don't seems to possess hair.

Their genitals appears to be located in their knees.[6]


  • Although they are often called the Toad Men, Tribbitites are actually reptilian.

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