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Three Alpha Primitives (Attilan Inhumans' slaves) enhanced by Maximus, who used his psycho-power to stimulate their intelligences to near-human level and further manipulated them.[1]

They assaulted the Terrigen Mist Chamber, killing the guard and using their new intelligence and Maximus' instructions to power themselves through Terrigenesis, using more mist concentration than any Inhuman before, risking death in the process. They survived but transformed into three spheroid forms, calling themselves the Trikon.[1]

Using their new powers, they attacked the Inhumans, supporting a massive Alphas riot and shattering the town.[1]

Medusa went to confront them, using a Sky-Sled to reach the Trikon, but their force fields' powers made her lose herself away from the battle-field.[1]

Alongside Lockjaw, Black Bolt used another Sky-Sled to reach them, and with Lockjaw opening a portal to the Negative Zone, Black Bolt whispered to send the Trikon through the portal.[1]

He was captured by the enigmatic alien, the Stranger, and were imprisoned in the Stranger's Labworld for the alien to study him. He remained there until freed by Overmind.[2]



After going through Terrigenesis, the Trikon gained the following abilities:

  • Flight
  • Energy Projection
    • Deadly Beams
    • Force Field


Before Terrigenesis, those three Alpha Primitives had their intelligence enhanced to near-human level by Maximus.[1]



Formerly handgun[1]

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