Trinary was a young mutant from India who used her technopathic abilities to top up the accounts of every working Indian woman from the accounts of the twenty-five highest-earning CEOs in the country. Trinary's father reported her, and she was eventually caught and imprisoned by the Indian Mutant Defense Force. However, in anticipation for her capture, Trinary recorded a message asking Jean Grey for help. The message reached its recipient in Wakanda, resulting in Trinary's liberation from IMDF imprisonment by Jean Grey and her allies.[1] Trinary took control of a Sentinel deployed by the IMDF and used it to escape with her rescuers. When they reached Wakanda, the mutant group was intercepted by Storm, secretly under the influence of Cassandra Nova.[2] After Storm was incapacitated and the Sentinite controlling her was extracted from her brain with Trinary's help, Jean Grey decided to move her base of operations to Searebro. Trinary was among the mutants that formed Jean Grey's own X-Men team to pursue the surfaced enemy.[3]


Trinary is a mutant who possess the following abilities:

  • Technopathy: She has the ability to psychically control all forms of technology, such as computers, cell phones, etc. She can only control technology that is in her line of sight. Her range is currently undetermined.[1]

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