The man known as Triple Destruction was a Nazi saboteur who was active during World War II. By the fall of 1943, he was notorious for blowing up munitions plants all over the United States, leaving the authorities stumped as his true identity was unknown. His next target were three munitions plants in the town of Bellville which Triple Destruction vowed would be destroyed at midnight Western Union time. He chose this precision timing to mock the American way of life.

The American authorities called in the super-speedster known as the Whizzer to help stop the Triple Destruction, however even the Whizzer would not be able to be in three places at once. Even under the strongest lock down procedures at each of the plants, the Triple Destruction and his minions managed to break into all three factories and begin planting their bombs.

However, the Whizzer managed to defeat them all thanks to using the one thing Triple Destruction had on his side: time. In advance of the attack, the Whizzer had the clocks within each building pushed ahead five minutes setting off the precision timing of all three of the saboteurs and allowing the Whizzer enough time to capture all three and turn them over to the authorities.[1]

The subsequent fate of Triple Destruction and his minions are unknown.


Triple Destruction used time bombs for the purposes of sabotage.

  • Dreifache Zerstörung is the German equivalent.

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