This creature was part of the "New Mutants", a team of Triploids mutants created by Forge in order to cancel the M-Day effect and to fight the invaders from Earth-TRN113[1].

He was created by the addition of a third strand of chromosomes[2] possessing a X-Gene on it in a human body, creating a triploid functional mutant with levitation powers.

He and his fellows had taken down a first Annex Squad, and kept in the fight with the second one was sent later[1]. All over the planet, the New Mutants followed, tracked and confronted the second Annex Squad, fighting in a Secret War.

At some point, they followed the scouts in Tian, an hidden city in China, where the invaders looked for a power source to charge their Ghost Box. As the city was powered by the Chinese mutant community living there, dead since the M-Day, they couldn't find it, and so Agent X-13 split from the group with the Box, and this artificial mutant followed him from China to San Francisco where he was eventually killed by his prey.

His corpse was inspected by the X-Men, who started to inquiry on the subject[2], using the "Triploid Mutant"'s (as they named the dead mutant) notebook relating his track of the invaders.


Flight: The Triploid Mutant was seen floating, even dead, having presumably some independent flying organ in his physiology.

The "Triploid Mutant" isn't his codename, but the name given to him by Beast

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