Tristan is a Galadorian, the second son of Rom and Brandy Clark of Earth. He was in training at the Spaceknight Academy on Galador with his brother Balin when news of the disappearance of his father came in. Balin soon presented himself to his father's sentient weapon Axadar for acceptance to wield Galador's most formidable weapon but was rejected. Soon after an attempt was made by the Wraiths to destroy Axadar.

Tristan and Balin, with a cohort of other new Spaceknights they would come face to face the menace of Wraithknights. While battling this new foe, a Deathwing was summoned. While trying to find a way to combat the Deathwing, Axadar suddenly appeared to Tristan and bonded with him. He then destroyed the Deathwing.[1]


Galadorian Plandanium Armor (Third Generation)



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