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Trocero was the count of Poitain.

Count Trocero greeted minor nobleman Acheron as he arrived in Poitain, presenting her daughter Sephra. After some time, Sephra thought Acheron was wonderful, but to Count Trocero the minor nobleman was 'too wonderful' and didn’t trust him, so he refused to allow her to see him any longer.[2]

When a newly-crowned King Conan returned to visit him, Trocero presented him Evlena, his new bride, but secretly confessed to the Cimmerian she kept trying to assassinate him, perhaps believing him to be his great-grandsire Argello, a hero in the days when Poitan was separate kingdom from Aquilonia, who was killed by his wife in a jealousy frenzy. Conan eventually found that the reason behind Evlena's assassination attempts was actually a magical ring given by her former suitor Rovlok, who was eventually killed by a demon summoned by the jewel.[3]

He helped Conan against King Nenaunir and the serpent-demon Damballah.[4]

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