Troids are immaterial parasitic beings that feed on fear and humiliation felt by human hosts, but having no other physical effect on the host. Growing to maturity inside their hosts, they are trapped there by healthy skin, only escaping when their host's skin is injured. Outside their hosts, Troids are physically solid 10-legged insectoid creatures with two pairs of wings that are capable of speech and generally undetectable by humans without mystical skills, but can be injured by normal physical means when detected; other physical characteristics such as flight speed, strengths levels and tail pincher capabilities are unrevealed. Troid queens, larger than other Troids and capable of laying millions of eggs, are comparatively rare.[1]

Created by the ancient Elder God Chthon, Troids are now present inside most of Earth's human population, feeding on their emotions, going largely unnoticed. When Frank West, a violent racist California police officer, used a page from the Darkhold, a book of Chthon's black magic, to escape brutality charges, the page allowed West to see and communicate with the Troids released from his victims over the course of his career by his injuring their skin. These Troids spied on Attorney General Allen Torres, who was prosecuting West. Discovering Torres was having an inappropiate affair with a minor, the Troids informed West, who used the information to blackmail Torres and get the case dropped. Returning to work and assigned a young partner, Rizzoli, West's reckless driving caused a car accident that left Rizzoli dead. When a crowd of low-income black people came out to help, West assumed they were rioters and his fear awakened the Troid queen inside him. As the queen struggled to burst through his skin, West begged the crowd to beat him to release it, but seeing he was unhurt they wandered away assuming he was crazy.[1]

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