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The island formerly known as Mandarin City was a territory off-shore of China acquired by the Mandarin, it is speculated that his ability to mind-control people helped him to gain the land,[1] which he used as his base of operations.[2]

Troy (Mandarin City) from Iron Man Vol 5 19 001

Before becoming Troy, after Mandarin's death

Following the Mandarin's death,[3] the city fell into legal limbo, with numerous triads supported by corrupt businessmen controlling the city. After his return to Earth, Tony Stark decided to use the data acquired by the Recorder 451 in order to help the world become a better place. Along with his long-time lost brother, Arno Stark, Tony decided to build a city, and Mandarin City became the perfect starting point. Stark started working along with Resilient in rebuilding the island into a city that became known as The Troy.[1]

Troy (Mandarin City) from Iron Man Vol 5 28 002

Troy after transforming into the Iron Metropolitan

During the inauguration of the Core, the city was attacked by two hosts of the rings of the Mandarin, Mandarin One and Mandarin Seven.[4] Two months later, the city had a population of over five hundred thousand people, but was still the target of Mandarin One's constant terrorist attacks.[5] After facing Mandarin One and Mandarin Five, Tony realized the city would be in constant danger if he continued being involved with it, for which he left the charge of custodian of the city to Arno.[6]

Points of Interest

Troy (Mandarin City) from Iron Man Vol 5 19 002

The Core

The Core[]

The Core of Troy contains the electrical system which runs the city. It is controlled by the A.I. H.E.L.E.N..[1]

Troy (Mandarin City) from Iron Man Vol 5 21 001

Central Control

Central Control Base[]

This building became the base of operations of Tony and Arno. It was destroyed by a missile activated by Mandarin One.[5]

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