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Quote1.png All of them ... idiots... dolts -- imbeciles and worse. I am surrounded by incompetents. Quote2.png
--The Owl

Appearing in "And Death Is a Woman Called Widow"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Daredevil #81.

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Synopsis for "And Death Is a Woman Called Widow"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Daredevil #81.

The story continues from last issue as the man without fear, Daredevil sinks to the bottom of New York's Harbor after going down with the Owl's Helicopter. Meanwhile Karen Page who saw Daredevil's fateful crash on television believes that Matt is dead and faints from the excitement. However, unbeknownst to Karen and even the Owl, Daredevil is rescued by the Black Widow. She pulls him ashore then pulls back keeping her presence hidden for the time being.

At the same time Mr. Kline cuts ties with the Owl after he almost killed Daredevil, who he wanted captured. Luckily Mr. Kline reveals that he had alternate plans in place to save him. The Owl having just been kicked to the curb gets his men in order while Karen shares a comforting moment of romantic mourning with Phil Hichok after believing Matt to have been killed. Flashback to Mr. Kline who is talking to his superiors, and is revealed to be a robot called MK-9. The two discuss their plans to setup Foggy as the next Governor of New York, with Foggy acting as their pawn.

Daredevil who's still reeling from the crash and almost drowning returns to the offices of Nelson and Murdock to recover. Foggy who's there, questions if he should be helping him before Daredevil collapses on the floor, which leads him to help him. Switch scenes and the Owl and his men are robbing the Treasury Building, but just a few blocks away Natasha and Ivan are having a financial consultation when they hear the sounds of explosives coming from the building. Natasha jumps into action as the Black Widow and confronts the Owl and his men, meanwhile Daredevil who has since awoken hears the commotion as well and heads off to fight just as Foggy returns to find him missing from the room.

Black Widow and the Owl continue to fight and just when it looks like the Owl is getting the upper hand Daredevil makes it into the Treasury Building and aids the Black Widow. He finishes off the Owl and then collapses in Natasha's arms due to fatigue and injuries. The Owl and his men are arrested, but flash to Mk-9 who has been promoted to the code name Assassin decides it's time to set his plans in motion.

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Reprinting Daredevil (1964) #81

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