Appearing in "Blood and Claws Part 3: Fall Back & Spring Forward"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Wolverine Vol 2 #37.

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Synopsis for "Blood and Claws Part 3: Fall Back & Spring Forward"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Wolverine Vol 2 #37.

Continued from last issue...

Trapped in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War, Wolverine sends the Partisan rebels ahead to get his friend Puck to medical attention while he fights the army of Nazi's that follow them from behind. Wolverine makes short work of the soldiers and then calls out to Lady Deathstrike to face him so that they can get their battle over with. Unknown to Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike hangs on the side of a cliff face waiting to strike while her ally Nazi captain Horst Schlachter calls in for reinforcements.

Logan then notices a time vortex similar to the one that brought them appear in the middle of the battle ground. Before he can investigate it further, Lady Deathstrike makes her attack, pouncing on Logan from above. As the two fight, Lady Deathstrike relishes in battle, wanting to take the Adamantium bones in Wolverine's body that she believes are part of her family legacy. As they fight, Wolverine points out that she has become an inhuman monster to obtain her goals and asks her if her cyborg enhancements were worth giving up her humanity. As they battle on, Horst and his troops advance further toward the time vortex, and they accidentally run over Lady Deathstrike's arm when she is knocked down during her fight with Wolverine. For this injury, Lady Deathstrike lashes out at him, savagely slashing his body.

In present day Australia, the Reavers are busy at work on a robot modeled to look like a little girl for one of their latest schemes when the time vortex hits them again. When they get papers and some of Horsts belongings, Peirce orders Bonebreaker to check their database and look for anomalies. As Horst dies in the past, Donald Peirce notices that the records that Horst died during World War II suddenly change to dying in an avalanche at the very pass that they battle is taking place in the past. Peirce hopes that Lady Deathstrike does not cause anymore temporal anomalies for fear of the impact it might have on the future, but goes back to work on the robot replica of a five year old girl, asking Bonebreaker if he stopped programming her intelligence to be no higher than that of a five year old girl.

In the past the battle between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike rages on. Puck regains consciousness and joins his friend as they are swept up in the time vortex. They are shot forward through time and space, first appearing aboard a naval destroyer on the Pacific during World War II, then the bio tank where Spiral turned Yuriko Oyama into Lady Deathstrike, then to the first battle between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike.[1] It is here that Puck returns to his usual diminutive statue, before they once more travel forward this time to the present. Wolverine and Puck find themselves back in Vancouver with Lady Deathstrike nowhere to be found. getting back into their boat, Puck takes one more look at the photograph of him taken with his friends in 1937 and both he and Logan are shocked to find that Logan is now in the picture as well.

Lady Deathstrike finds herself back in modern day Austalia in a tank with what appears to be Wolverin, however Peirce stops her and reveals that it is nothing more than a robot duplicate of their hated foe. When Lady Deathstrike is confused by why Donald has built a robot duplicate of Wolverine, he tells her that it's part of a grander scheme and that the real killer is the robot based on a five year old girl, a robot he has dubbed Elsie-Dee.

This story is continued next issue....

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Reprinting Wolverine (1988) #37

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