The True Faeries were the Old Ones, led by Oberoth'm'gozz, the True Faery King of the Old Ones.

Lovecraft wrote about them.

Oberoth'm'gozz impersonated Doctor Strange, convincing S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Wizardry Alchemy Necromancy Department (W.A.N.D.) that he'd gone insane due to going around wearing only the Cloak of Levitation and his underwear. Oberoth'm'gozz began mentally affecting everyone in his vicinity, causing even the most violent of criminals to become peaceful and benevolent, and growing more powerful and expanding his area of influence as more people fell under his sway. Thaddeus Ross's Thunderbolts team was covertly dispatched by W.A.N.D. to kill "Doctor Strange" before he enslaved the world, collecting mystical artefacts and weapons to do so. Still impersonating Strange, Oberoth'm'gozz astrally projected himself to confront them, correcting Red Leader's spellcasting and issuing a challenge.

When the Thunderbolts arrived, Oberoth'm'gozz unleashed a swarm of True Fairies. One by one, Oberoth'm'gozz took over the Thunderbolts until only the Punisher remained. Oberoth'm'gozz was confused as to why the Punisher was immune to his happiness-inducing magic, but Frank Castle revealed that killing is the only thing that makes him happy before shooting the Old One with Johnny Blaze's Hellfire Shotgun.[1]


Level of Technology: They use swords, spears, bows with inflamed arrows.[1]
Representatives: Oberoth'm'gozz, True Faery King of the Old Ones


  • The True Faeries are stated to be the Old Ones Lovecraft wrote about. The Old Ones were created by H.P. Lovecraft who first mentioned them in "The Call of Cthulhu" (1926).
    • The True Faeries were seemingly designed as faeries, but given a more Cthulhuesque look with leathery wings and squid-like heads, along with savage-looking gear.
    • Oberoth'm'gozz's name is seemingly derived from Oberon, the king of faeries, with a somehat alien touch including the classical Old One's names' ending "-oth".

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