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Quote1.png That was the first of the worst days of my life. Quote2.png
Isaiah Bradley

Appearing in "Part One: The Future"

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  • Kamikaze planes
  • USS Carrier Ships

Synopsis for "Part One: The Future"

With war ravaging Europe, three black men pushing for equality in the United States are drawn into military service in various ways.

Isaiah Bradley, a young man full of optimism, leaves his new wife and unborn daughter for willing service in the military.

Maurice Canfield, a young communist from a privileged background, fights for social equality and protests against the war only to have legal charges brought against him. He's given a choice to pay for his crime: do hard time, or serve his country in a war he opposes.

After being unjustly demoted from Captain to Sergeant, Lucas Evans, once known as "Cap", tries to end his life before finding new purpose with the United States' involvement in the war.


  • This issue takes place in July, 1940; December, 1940; June, 1941; December, 1941; and January–February, 1942.

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