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The Truth during World War II

The Truth is an immensely powerful Demon from Hell. It is powerful enough to destroy the entire world of its own unless it is banished back to Hell immediately after entering the living realm.[1] The name "Truth" refers to the nature behind it: Everything Dies, except the Truth itself. As such, the Demon cannot be killed by any means and will seek the Death of everything that is not itself.[2]

The Truth in 1954

The Truth was first summoned during World War II by French sorceress Marie D'Arqueness when her daughter Sylvie was threatened by Nazis. The Canadian Army intervened, but was unable to stop her and the energies of the summoning killed all soldiers present except one, the mutant Logan. Marie completed a banishment spell to send the Truth back where he came from, but it drained Marie of her life energies leaving. Marie then told Logan that the Truth would come back to the land of the living every ten years in the worst place in the world and that the only person who could stop it was her daughter. She asked Logan to keep watch over Sylvie and protect her during each battle with the Truth. Logan accepted the responsibility while Marie died in his arms.[1]

The Truth in 1960s

The Truth would reappear during the 1954 Yangtze River floods in China. Sylvie, who was still a novice, teleported Logan half way around the world to help her against it. After a brief thrown down, Sylvie fired a energy blast at the Truth knocking it off balance. This gave Sylvie and Logan enough time to re-acclimate themselves to the battle and banish the demon.[3]

After his defeat, the Truth returned a decade later in Nevada during Project Sedan. Sylvie and Logan fought him in the middle of an atomic explosion as she shielded both of them from the radiation while she pushed the Truth back through the portal he came through with her powers.[4]

The Truth next entered the world in Pakistan during the 1970 Bhola cyclone. Before Logan and Sylvie could fight it, the Demon pointed to the shoreline where a tsunami was about to crash towards the village with it's residents' path safey blocked in. Sylvie decided that they should split up with Logan heading to clear the path while she took on the Truth. Her magic countered every move the demon made and as she pushed him through the portal, Sylvie became too confident and looked away for a brief moment when the Truth stuck his hand out and used his claws to puncture her through her abdomen pulling her into the portal with him.[5]

Sylvie killed by the Truth

Sylvie left behind her daughter with Logan Reine du Rien who would keep on the Vigil, but Logan was unaware of her existence and was not around when Reine defeated the Truth during the 80s. In 1995 Logan had asked the X-Men and Talisman to help him when the Truth appeared during the eruption of the Soufrière Hills volcano in the Caribbean. The team was ill-prepared to face the demon and Cyclops was killed, while Talisman was unable to banish the Truth without the proper spell, which Logan did not know. The Truth then killed Talisman and Storm before finally being banished by Reine du Rien, whom Logan recognized as his daughter with Sylvie.[6]

Rien fights The Truth in Mumbai

The Truth next appeared in Mumbai during the 26/11 attacks. It was defeated by Reine on her own, who was then approached by her father, who was looking for her since their last meeting in 1995. Logan expressed his desire to follow the Demon into Hell and finish it once and for all.[7] Rien used her magic to open a portal into Hell and went through it after Logan. While in Hell, the duo fought their way through several demons until they discovered that the spirit of Sylvie was also in Hell where she had been tortured for years by the Truth.[8]

Sylvie explained her daughter and Logan the true nature of The Truth: the demon could not be killed, especially in Hell, and the true nature of this demon was that everything died except the Truth itself, that principle made it seek the death of everything but itself. The Truth then arrived ready to kill the trio, but Rien and her mother united their forces and were able to blast the demon with a magical spell. With the Truth momently stopped, Sylvie took Rien and Logan to the Hell of many doors, a place where each door opened onto a moment from Sylvie's memory and where she was tortured by The Truth in the past. Rien told her mother to open one of the door in order to escape to the past, and Logan told Sylvie to open a door that would take them back to the night they met for the first time during World War II.[2]

The Truth locked in a fight against itself

As Rien and her mother tried to open the door, Logan decided to fight the Truth to buy them some time, but was overpowered by the demon and lost his left arm. Rien and Sylvie were then able to open the door and they all traveled back in time to World War II. The Truth followed them, but now in the past it was confronted by a past version of itself. After seeing its future self, the Truth of the past was faced with the lie at the core of its nature: Everything died while it could not. Angered by this revelation, the Truth of the past attacked its future self.[2]

With the two demons busy fighting each other, Rien, Logan, Sylvie and the past version of Marie were able to trap the two demons in a magical cage. To make sure that the two demons could not escape, Logan and Sylvie decided to stay behind in order to serve as a "lock" for this cage. Once the spell was completed, the two demons, Logan and Sylvie were turned to stone for eternity.[2]



  • Immortality: The Truth is immortal and cannot be killed by any means.
  • Shapeshifting: The Truth took on a different form each time it attempted to enter the living world.


  • Terms of the Summoning: The Truth can only enter into the world once every decade and has to appear in what at the time is the worst place on Earth.
  • Immediately upon its arrival, the Truth remains vulnerable and can be banished back to Hell until the next decade.
  • Because it cannot be stopped by anything, the Truth has no way to protect against a version of itself.

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