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Quote1 Killing the few to save the lives of many. Quote2
The Insect[src]



According to him, he was born in Russia, his missionary father moved him, his mother, and sisters to the new mutant nation of Genosha to help build it. Tsar Sultan left to study abroad and was not there when it was eliminated by Cassandra Nova's Wild Sentinels.[1]

He later accepted a curse to be able to transform into a fire-resistant insect form after he lost his wife to an arson perpetrated by a mutant.[2]


The Insect was a member Red Skull's S-Men. He, along the rest of the S-Men, removed Professor X's body from his mausoleum in order to allow the Red Skull to take part of his brain and give himself telepathic powers, taking Rogue and Scarlet Witch prisoner in the process.

Tsar Sultan (Earth-616) from Uncanny Avengers Vol 1 1 002

The Insect stabbing a newly powered mutant.

When the Red Skull caused the panic among the population and sent a mind-controlled lynch mob to hunt and kill all mutants, Tsar fought against Wolverine before being knocked out by Scarlet Witch. He escaped along with the other S-Men and the Red Skull after the tide of the battle was turned in the favor of the Avengers Unity Division.[3]

He met with Jet Black and tried to recruit her to the S-Men, telling her some of his history.[1]

Insect was killed by Magneto,[4] who had tracked down the Skull's activities[5] after the villain turned Genosha into a mutant concentration camp.[6]



Insectoid form: Through a "curse" Tsar is able to transform, at the cost of excruciating pain, into an insectoid creature. This form has several benefits, however, he has increased agility and strength, and is resistant to small caliber bullets and blades. Most dangerous of all, however, is his venom which he can deliver when he cuts and pierces his opponents with the large sting he has in each hand. This "Cassandra Toxin", has a potent psychological effect and causes lethal paranoia on the victims, who are torn away from reality and exposed to visions of their most dreaded possible future.



Fashionable uniforms


The two back stories he has been given seem to be inconsistent so far it is unknown if this will be addressed at a later date.

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