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When the City of Wonders was shaken by a great calamity, Tu suspected the curse could had been accidentally set off by King Kull. He returned after some time and introduced the sorcerer Sen-Dor to the king, who helped him lift the curse.[1]

Tu was then kidnapped by the Demonolater, who masqueraded as him until Kull, Lhok-Nor and Taku journeyed into the catacombs beneath the City of Wonders and freed the councilor.[2]

During the wedding ceremony held by King Governi of Thule for the marriage of her daughter Elise with Rashver, son of the king of Verulia, Kull's councilor Tu noticed the king's interest in the proud looking warrior woman named Iraina, and told him of how she betrayed her own tribe to Ku-Var and gained the tyrant's favor.[3]

In southern Verulia, Tu accidentally fell from his horse and was seriously hurt. Thanks to Kull's recovery of the magical amulet of Ka, he escaped death and fully recovered from the injury.[4]

Some time later, Tu attended a tragedy at an open-air theather in Ostium. He strenuously objected when Kull wanted to save the kidnapped senators and exact vengeance against Roc. He came to rescue the king when his ship was attacked by the Dead Men of the Deep, despite his orders to the contrary. Unlike Kull, he deemed slavery as a cultural necessity, finding human energy plentiful and economic.[5]

Tu witnessed Sedrick summoning a horde of Beast-Men from a mystic portal into the throneroom.[6]

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