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Real Name
Partner of Death's Head II; Formerly Merry Men
Base of Operations
Mobile; Formerly Lionheart
Living Status
Marital Status
Adventurer, Freedom Fighter for Mechanical and Artificial Life


Unusual Features
Blue Facial Markings
Artificial organic
Place of Birth
Creators and Appearances
First Appearance


Tuck's creator, soon dumped her after learning of the rules in Lionheart that prohibited cybernetics, robots and artificial beings such as herself. She infiltrated the Holy Sisters as a way to track down Hood, and his band of Marry Men who were defending robot rights. When she catch up with Hood, who was no other than Death's Head in disguise he was unwilling to let her join. She however was quick to explain that the unrighteous that was going on Lionheart was her main goal. Before she could truly join Death's Head and his Marry Men they were attack be General Oak. During the struggle all but Death's Head and Tuck survive along with Dr. Evelyn Necker. Necker, explained that she needed Death's Head and him being a mercenary join for the right price, leaving Lionheart behind but bringing Tuck with him.[1]

Quest for Charnel

Tuck, Death's Head and Dr. Necker next travel to Earth-8410 to A.I.M. base but it already being destroy and transformed by Charnel. They next travel to Earth-616 and team up with what remain of the Avengers (Earth-9939) of ruin earth in order to fight the earlier form of Charnel. Tuck and the team were hardly a match for the robotic-necromancer who nearly annihilated them. Taking heavy loses it was finally Death's Head quick thinking that save them all when he had the Scarlet Witch use one her hex-bolt on the time-disk that Charnel was wearing splitting the abomination in two different timelines.[2]

Revolutionary War

Tuck was next seeing freeing robotic life-force in Eopia, during she encounter the original Death's Head and hired him to return to Earth-616 and save his future selves from another Dr. Evelyn Necker.[3] During the involvement both Death's Head work together to not only to defeat Mys-Tech remaining forces with other UK heroes but also a corrupted Killpower who become a hell-lord.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Tuck was fearsome fighter, her upbringing in Lionheart meant she was not expose to technology and instead use swords, maces and her unarmed combat.

Physical Strength

Average strength.

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