From an early age, Tucker Ford's intelligence was recognized and lauded. Being raised by his strong-willed mother coupled with never going to school with anyone his own age left it difficult for him to make any kind of meaningful personal relationship and as a result Ford became very introverted.

Over the years, he built a fantasy world where he was a superhero. He tried to explain his fantasies to his therapist once only for them to turn around and mock him before their colleagues (unaware that Ford had them under electronic surveillance). This motivated him to follow his dream and become a superhero.

He used his newest invention - a suit of armor made up of highly durable, though also highly unstable, nanites - to save an au pair and her charges during a brush fire in California before meeting with the head of newly formed defense and intelligence organization, S.H.I.E.L.D., Colonel Nick Fury. He offers Fury his wealth, intelligence, and company to help fight super-powered threats and defend America.

He fails to win himself over to Fury by attempting to speak "ghetto" to him (due to Fury's African-American origins), and then later fails to accept a simple kiss on the cheek from Nell Ruggles (Arachnophilia).

He does however offer to build a SHEILD style Helicarrier as a base of operations for the newly formed SHIELD and offers to operate as a loyal member of the team, in an effort to live out his fantasy as a superhero. Nell Ruggles seems to be someone whom Ford has romantic desires for and she has been the one whom he has struck up the closest friendship with of all his new teammates.


Tucker Ford has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Armor. The armor is composed of nanites that respond to his thoughts and have a variety of abilities:

Ford is presumed to be his universe's equivalent of Tony Stark

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