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Tucson is a city and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States of America and home to the University of Arizona.


Amadeus Cho was born and raised in Tuscon. He lived there with his parents, Helen and Phil, and his younger sister, Maddy. The Cho's lived a normal and happy life, but Amadeus showed from his very early childhood that he was different. He was incredibly smart for such a young boy, and learned a lot of things by himself, becoming highly cultured and increasing his already remarkable intelligence. Helen supported her son, and tried to go along with his talent.[1] The more Amadeus grew up, the more his parents realized he was a true genius. When the boy was fifteen years old, the Excello, a soap corporation, announced an online game to reward young geniuses, a quiz show named Brain Fight. Amadeus participated, and he easily won the $5,000 reward, placing first. Helen and Philip were of course happy for their son’s results, but they didn't know this was just the beginning of the end for their family. The person who had organized Brain Fight, in fact, was another genius and former child prodigy, Pythagoras Dupree, whose real aim was to search the world for other people whose intellect might rival his own... and to eliminate them. By winning his game, Amadeus Cho had been awarded with the title of Mastermind Excello and the position of “7th Smartest Man in the World”; meanwhile, Pythagoras, by his own claim, was the 6th, and to him that was more than enough of a reason for murder. Dupree had his men attack Amadeus’ house, and in the resultant explosion, Helen and her husband were killed. Amadeus ran away with his only companion being a coyote pup named Kirby.[2]

Sometime later Joaquín Torres came to the United States with his grandmother, Mariana, when he was six years old. He lived in Tucson, where he graduated from high school on the honor roll.[3]

Alternative Realities

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

In Earth-1610; Sal's Happy Time Bar is located in Tuscon, Arizona.[4]

John Blaze and his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson were on a coast-to-coast road trip. When they arrived in Tuscon, Arizona, Roxanne and Blaze befriended a bike gang led by Robert Blackthorne, but the friendship was a ruse and Roxanne and Blaze were killed by them in a ritual sacrifice to Mephisto in order for the bikers to bargain their own souls to the demon in exchange for wealth and power; however, Blaze made a deal with Mephisto himself to becoming the Ghost Rider and seek revenge upon their killers, as well as have Roxanne resurrected with a new life - now married to a firefighter - without any memories of her death as long Blaze continue to work for Mephisto.[5]


In Earth-11326, Magma encountered their Alpha's and Beta's Exonims in the desert west of Tucson. During the attack Magma was shot with a flamethrower by the Exonim Unit B-1073, but was completely unaffected, in fact, she walked across to the B-1073 unit and melted it instead.[6]

Points of Interest

  • Cho Residence (destroyed)
  • Sal's Happy Time Bar (Earth-1610)


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