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Tattoo was one of Kirigi's top assassins and a member of the Hand. He along with the other Hand ninjas was assigned the mission to kidnap Abby Miller and kill her protector, Elektra Natchios. When Elektra went to her former master Stick for advice, Tattoo tracked them with the eagle he summoned from his left shoulder and permitted his team to follow them to McCabe's safe house. Once there, the team killed McCabe and followed the Millers and Elektra into the nearby forest. While Elektra was fighting Stone and Typhoid, Tattoo attacks Mark Miller and his daughter with the wolves in his chest. When The Chaste intervened to save Elektra, Abby, and Mark, Tattoo fled along with Kirigi and Typhoid.

Using the spider on his left arm, Tattoo spied on his the enemies, discovering where they were hidden. When Elektra battled Kirigi, Tattoo and Typhoid aided him in order to kill Abby. Tattoo attacked the girl using the snakes on his right shoulder and managed to incapacitate her, but Elektra arrived from his back: since he was in trance controlling the snakes, Tattoo didn't realize this, and Elektra broke his neck.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Tattoo had various animal tattoos on his body that he could bring to life and do his bidding.


Tattoo needed to go into a trance in order to use his tattoos, leaving him vulnerable to attack.


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