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Around 50,000 BC, the cave-boy named Tuk was the son of Phadion and Rhaya, two exiles,[1] and the first offspring of the Inhumans.[3]

They came from Attilan,[1] the so called "Island of the Gods", in reality a home of technologically advanced humanoids.[2] His parents died in the harsh environment, and Tuk was rescued by the ape-man named Ak who raised the boy to young adulthood. Having reached old age, Ak tolf Tuk of his origins and urged the boy to find his homeland before dying. Tuk venture out and be attacked by a group of savage Goreks, only to be rescued by the Cro-Magnon Man named Tanir. The two became inseparable allies continuing along to search for Attilan.[1]

Tanir intended to search for Atlantis, and the duo headed to Crete, the city of King Amir, to seek his help. There, they saved the inhabitants from the savage Hairy Ones and continue on through the Valley of Mist. There they succumbed to the mist's anesthetic properties and become prisoners of the Witches of Endor. Breaking free, they slayed the witches and rescue Princess Eve, ruler of Atlantis. She convinced Tuk and Tanir to aid her in freeing her kingdom from the rule of her evil uncle for forced her into exile.[4] Tuk and Tanir accompanied Princess Eve to Atlantis where they fought off the armies unleashed by the evil ruler. Despite the vision of his Soothsayer, the evil ruler was deposed by Princess Eve. She offered Tuk and Tanir a home in Atlantis, however they declined, deciding to carry onward to find Attilan.[5]

On their further travels they saved a woman named Eve and her baby from the evil Bonzo and his tribe of savages. While Tuk brought the woman to safety, Tuk attempted to break up Bonzo's tribe internally by offering them the secret to his bow and arrow.[6] Bonzo was not so easily convinced of Tanir's loyalty and commanded him to slay Tuk. However, Tuk directed a herd of stampeding elephants into his tribe, sending them to flee. Without his minions to protect him, Bonzo met his end at the tip of Tuk's arrow.[7]

Tuk and Tanir continued their journey to Attilan, however if they ever made it there remains to be recorded.

Tuk lived among the ordinary humans, and his unique genetic code passed on to the next generations, increasing their susceptibility to mutation.[3]


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Tuk was a good fighter and was trained in the use of primitive weapons that were common place in 50,000 BC.



Tuk carried a spear, and later a bow and arrows.


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