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Tulayn is one of the 100 Eternals who were created on Earth one million years ago by the First Host of the alien Celestials.[2][1]

Tulayn is the wife of Virako and the mother of Ikaris.[3]

Alongside Cybele and Daina, she was one of the Gaian Sisters, and remains so in the present.[1]

Like all of the Eternals who died after the Final Host arrived,[4] Tulayn was resurrected by the Machine a few months later.[1][5]

When an election for Prime Eternal was recently held, Druig believed that none of the Gaian Sisters, having had enough of Zuras, would vote for him, but they would also would not vote for Thanos.[6]


  • Tulayn is one of eight Eternals who were created solely by being listed as parents of Eternals who received entries in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1. She has never appeared in any story and, aside from the first OHotMU entry on Ikaris, was not mentioned again until Eternals (Vol. 5) #1, almost thirty-eight years later.
  • In that Ikaris entry, Tulayn was described as a scientist who had died in a teleportation experiment when Ikaris was 300 years old. Since other data presented in that entry, like the idea that Ikaris was only born about two thousand years ago, has become inaccurate due to retcons, her death may also no longer be canon. Alternatively, given that it is now known that Eternals are resurrected by the Machine whenever they die, Tulayn could have died when Ikaris was 300 but been resurrected soon afterwards.
  • Tulayn presumably participated in various major events that supposedly involved (almost) all Eternals. These events would have included the Uranos and Kronos schisms of the first age, the Titan schism of the second age,[7] and the recent mass murder/suicide that killed almost all Eternals about six months ago.[5] However, although she was probably not an Uranite, her activities during these schisms have not been revealed.

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