Tumbleweed was an old time gunslinger who lived in Red Dog, Texas, during the days of the American Frontier. He was hired as a deputy for the local sheriff Blaze Carson. He was known for his wild tales, quick judgements, and accident prone nature.

Shortly after Blaze took on the Tumbleweed as a deputy, Blaze called off to the town of Sagebrush investigating a robbery reportedly committed by Red Lannigan and Shorty Simms. Blaze left Tumbleweed in charge while he was gone unaware that Red and Shorty were in Red Dog. The two outlaws then "cried wolf" about the local bank being robbed twice sending Tumbleweed bumbling into the bank manager on both occasions. When it happened a third time, Tumbleweed did not act until the banker came begging for his aid. By this point Blaze had returned to town and helped Tumbleweed apprehend both men[1]. Soon after, Blaze was plagued by a toothache and was forced to leave it untreated as he investigated a murder perpetuated by Blackjack Jackson. He sent Tumbleweed to the dentist to get him toothache medicine. The dentist gave Tumbleweed the medicine in a Whiskey bottle as he had ran out of medical bottles. Later as Jackson sneaked into the sheriff's office to kill Blaze in his office, accidentally drank his toothache medicine and died. Next, Blaze Carson and Tumbleweed discover that outlaw Jack Carstairs is hiding out in Red Dog after he was accused of murdering Hank McCoy in Frisco City. However, they soon find that McCoy had faked his death to frame Carstairs and moved to Red Dog himself under an assumed alias[2].

After a brief absence of duty Tumbleweed was back on the job and was assisting Blaze on the look out for outlaw the Fargo Kid who was in the area[3]. After another absence, Tumbleweed assisted Blaze Carson in defending local ranches from horse rustling. He soon uncovered a plot by local rancher Tom and Betty Lackridge to steal the cattle and frame David Jensen, a reformed outlaw, and brought them to justice. During the entire episode Tumbleweed praised "honest" Tom Lackridge and despised the "criminal" Jensen, until Lackridge was apprehended, causing Tumbleweed to quickly, an unabashedly change his opinion. Troubled by young Johnny Baxter's idolization of a local outlaw, both Blaze and Tumbleweed try to steer the youngster out of trouble. When the boy is implicated in a robbery, Blaze tells the boy a story of his youth about how he got involved with an outlaw and ended up with innocent blood on his hands, scaring the boy straight. After Jimmy leaves however, Blaze reveals to the astonished Tumbleweed that the story was entirely made up[4].


Tumbleweed carried a six-shooter.

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