Tundra is a member of the pantheon of Great Beasts. He first broke free into the earth realm when he was summoned there by Richard Easton, Snowbird's biological father, who had long ago gone insane from his experiences with the gods. He then proceded to grow through absorbing the land and posed a threat to the entire world until Alpha Flight was able to defeat him. Ironically, Alpha Flight had just been disbanded, but came together to defeat Tundra. Tundra was defeated by the most natural of forces, erosion.[1]

Tundra next appeared on earth when Walter Langkowski in the body of Snowbird was manipulated into releasing the Beasts. Tundra was defeated when Box melted him, as he was made mostly of snow and ice. The Beasts were then expelled back into their dimension when an explosion destroyed the place of power which freed them.[2]

Tundra was able to once again reach the earthly dimension when a young man, Nate Grey, a powerful psionic from another reality accidentally breached the barriers between realms. Grey defeated Tundra by using his telekinetic abilities to lift him off the earth and into outer space.[3]


Tundra is an other dimensional being of incredible power. He can control the earth itself as well as using it to augment his own size. He can also control creatures of the earth.

Next to the Somon, it is the only Great Beast that doesn't have the name ending in Q.

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