Turghol was a mute Khitai man, married to Suwaan. Immediately after having met Conan in the desert, they were forced to enter the fortress of Bab-El-Shaithan to escape Prince Yezdigerd's men. The next day, after he and Conan fled the fortress, Turghol pulled the Blood of King Bel-Hissar ruby from his pocket. Conan realized that Suwaan had intended to betray them both, but Turghol had managed to snatch the ruby for himself. Conan contemplated fighting Turghol for the ruby, but decided it was not worth the trouble and took his leave.[1]

Many years later, Turghol found and healed a dying Conan in Zamora, and they both crossed the Kezankian Pass to reach the Bahari Kozaki camp and sell them a pack of weapons. After fleeing from Bab-El-Shaithan, the mute Khitai settled down in the steppes and married Tania. As soon as he learned that his wife accidentally burned down the entire village, while attempting to steal the Blood of Bel-Hissar, Turghol tried to kill himself to expunge the curse, but he was ultimately stopped by Conan.[2]

After the battle against the Free Companions was over, Turghol was happy to show his friendship to Isparana.[3]

Later that night, he got on famously with Zula and Sablat.[4]

When Conan returned to the Kozak camp with Red Sonja and Tuzun Thune, Turghol, like Zula and Fafnir, confronted him. The mirror-Conan told stories of their shared past to convince them of his true nature, but then mirror-Conan and Gonar exposed Fafnir's demonhand, making the Kozak's suspect him to be evil. With their suspicion aroused, mirror-Conan challenged Fafnir; they fought evenly, but when Fafnir recognized and began to voice that "Conan" and "Sonja" were using their opposite sword hands, mirror-Red Sonja stabbed Fafnir from behind, seemingly killing him. Zula and Turgohl took Fafnir away to bury him, but he quickly revived due to the magical power running through his body. Fafnir shared the knowledge of "Conan" fighting with the wrong hand, strengthening Zula and Turgohl's suspicions, but then Gonar, having followed and listened to them, suspecting that Fafnir may not have perished, extracted their souls into one of his little mirrors, leaving their bodies apparently without life. Meanwhile, the real Conan and Sonja continued their trek back to the Kozak camp.[5]

Turghol was eventually restored to life by his wife, who got hold of Thune's mirror shard and freed the enslaved spirits within.[6]

Turghol then witnessed Juma enter the Kozak camp and greet his old friend Conan.[7]



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