Turk was a petty crook in New York City. He was also Daredevil's reluctant informant.

Daredevil sought Turk out, in an effort to find David Banner. Turk first responded with trying to stab him, but was quickly taken out and had to tell Daredevil what he wanted to know. Turk asked Daredevil, if he could teach him some of his moves. However, Daredevil just took off, after telling Turk to be good and read a book.

Turk was later paid off, by Kingpin, to lure Daredevil into a trap. To celebrate, Turk headed to a bar, offering to pay for others drinks. However, Turk quickly found himself confronted by Chief Tendelli (an ally of Daredevil), who arrested him.[1]

  • While mainstream Turk is African-American, this incarnation was portrayed as Caucasian.

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